Certificate of Recognition for Excellence from PADI, once more

This year starts off on a good foot with plenty of Certificates of Recognition for Excellence from my PADI IDC candidates. This already the third one this year!

Axel Catoire and Aurélie Brard, January 2013 IDC, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Certificate of Recognition for Excellence from PADI because Axel Catoire and Aurélie Brard from the January 2013 IDC on Koh Lanta in Thailand had something good to say about me. Thanks Axel and Aurélie.

this is the second Certificate from this IDC, earlier I received a Certificate from Leandro!

This is as good as a time to start your own adventure and become a PADI Instructor. My next PADI IDC starts 21st April on Gili Air in Indonesia, followed by an IDC on Koh Samui in Thailand, starting 9th May and this is followed by an IDC starting 20th May in Dauin/Dumaguete in the Philippines.
Contact me for more information on these programs.


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