10 Years PADI Course Director

Coinciding with the current CDTC training course happening in Kota Kinabulu on Sabah in Malaysia, it is exactly 10 years ago that I became a PADI Course Director at the same location. The hotels where the course is conducted has been changed but the city, KK, is still the same.

PADI CDTC, April 2003, Kota Kinabulu, Malaysia, my group

My CDTC group, with Werner, Mischa, Bettina, Juergen, Marita, Martin and my good self. In this picture are also Joanne and Pascal as PADI staff

In those days the course went over 11 days and we were with a massive Koh Samui delegation, 3 people from Samui where invited and we ended all three up in the same group. My group was 'the German' group, with only Germans and Swiss in it and me as a Dutchman, since I speak fluent German. We had to give our group a name and we came up with 'Drueckerfish' or Triggerfish.

PADI CDTC, April 2003, Kota Kinabulu, Malaysia, presentation

Giving a presnetation in front of my group and two PADI staff members, Henrik Nimb and Alan Jan

In this CDTC program were a few people that I still have regular contact with, first of all Marita Fassbender, fellow PADI Course Director here on Koh Samui, Mike Hayes, now a PADI Examiner who I met again during the recent Koh Phangan IE, just last month, Mark Cummins, manager at the PADI AP main office in Sydney for the IRRA, Phil O'Shea who manages the dive center at the Jumeira Hotel in Dubai where my good friend and PADI Course Director Ernst van der Poll used to work for a long period of time, Werner Streb who still lives and works in Phuket and Gabrielle Holder who is still active as a PADI Course Director in the Philippines.

PADI CDTC, April 2003, Kota Kinabulu, Malaysia, Drueckerfish

Drueckerfish in the classroom

It was a fun time and a great experience. It was good to see people from all over the world gather for this course, from the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Malta, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. People who worked all over the world!

PADI CDTC, April 2003, Kota Kinabulu, Malaysia, koh Samui group

The Samui group, Juergen, Marita and myself during a social event

It's been a good 10 years, during which I taught so far; 102 PADI IDC's with 378 IDC candidates, 33 IDCS Instructors, 1360 PADI Instructor level specialties and some 440 EFR Instructor level certifications. Out of these 10 years I've been a Platinum PADI Course Director for 7 consecutive years, since the inauguration of this rating in the Asia Pacific region and in 2009 I received a PADI Instructor Development award.

And the story continues, tomorrow I'm off to Gili Air in Indonesia to start another PADI IDC on Sunday.

If you're interested in participating in one of my IDC's come and join me and make the ocean your office! The enxt IDC starts Sunday 21st April on Gili Air and after that I have PADI IDC's coming up left and right, 9th May on Koh Samui in Thailand, 20th May in Dauin in the Philippines and 12th June I'm back on Koh Samui in Thailand with a new program! 

See you there!


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