The PADI IDC on Koh Phangan for March 2013 is in the can!

It's done and over with! The February-March PADI IDC on Koh Phangan is done and dusted! Allie, Tim, Thorsten, Von and Myra worked hard but it all paid off, they're ready to start the PADI IE tomorrow! Well, except for Myra, since she first needs to get birth to her baby and then complete the IDC water work.

PADI IDC Koh Phangan, March 2013, Allie

Allie in the classroom

Allie and Von love the island Koh Phangan, although both will return to Koh Samui, for work reasons!
Thorsten and Tim live here and Myra is on an extended long stay on the island. I can only add to the common nominator that the siland is great and it's always good to be here!

PADI IDC Koh Phangan, March 2013, Thorsten

Thorsten in the classroom

After all the hard work on theory exams, classroom-, confined- and open water presentations, it's now time to show off for the PADI examiner that they know their stuff. Two nervous days of exams are waiting for them!

PADI IDC Koh Phangan, March 2013, Myra

Myra in the classroom

After the PADI IE I will conduct the EFR Instructor course, I will be heading back home, to Koh Samui for a short break from IDC's and spend time with the family when it all starts again in early April in either Khao Lak or Koh Lanta, both in Thailand. On 21st April an IDC is starting on Gili Air in Indonesia, 9th of May and IDC starts on Koh Samui in Thailand and 20th may an IDC will start in Dauin in the Philippines.

PADI IDC Koh Phangan, March 2013, Tim

Tim in confined water

For more information on my PADI IDC programs please contact me and I'm more than happy to supply information or answer any questions you may have regarding an IDC or any other instructor level training.

PADI IDC Koh Phangan, March 2013, Von

Von in confined water

Looking forward seeing you around in one of my future IDC's, now first stay tuned for updates on the current PADI IE on Koh Phangan.


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