Specialty Instructor training on Koh Lanta, Thailand in January 2013

Over the last two days I have been diving with Soon yesterday and Collin today, in order to conduct Instructor level Specialty training. Both participated in the recent PADI IDC on Koh Lanta.

Manta Ray at Hin Muang, Thailand

Manta Ray at Hin Muang

Yesterday with Soon we had the luck that during the first two dives at respectively Hin Muang and Hin Daeng a Manta Ray visited. It's always different diving with these majestic creatures and we enjoyed every minute of it.

PADI Recreational Side Mount Instructor training, Koh Haa, Thailand

PADI Recreational Side Mount Instructor training

During the first day Soon completed three dives and participated in the DUP (Digital Underwater Photography) and Side Mount Instructor Specialties.

Scorpion fish at Hin Muang

Today Collin participated in the DUP and Nitrox Instructor specialties with two great dives at Koh Haa.

Banded Sea Krait at Koh Haa

Leandro from the recent IDC is planning to visit me on Koh Samui to get his Side mount diver and instructor ratings and possibly Collin joins for the same ratings and possibly even more. 


Good weather and good diving conditions made the two days memorable, especially the Manta Ray was a great moment but during the other dives we also spotted plenty of other animals, as the pictures hopefully show you.

Have you seen Nemo?

It's been a good IDC and to finish it off with some excellent diving is always a good way to make it complete. My next IDC adventure will start 17th February on Gili Air in Indonesia followed by a 26th February start on Koh Phangan (the Samui February dates will now take place on Koh Phangan) and 14th March on Malapascua in the Philippines. Hope to see you there!

Nudibranch at Koh Haa


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