EFR Instructor course on Koh Lanta, Thailand done and dusted

It was a hard one this morning, I asked everyone to meet at the shop at 10am so we could start the EFR Instructor course. Especially after the IE party not an easy task! Luck was on their side though when an all day power cut started at 9am and I postponed all training until 2pm.

EFR Instructor course on Koh Lanta, Thailand in January 2013

From left to right standing; Ralf, Soon, Axel, Leandro, Jeanne, Melissa, Aurely and myself
Kneeling in front; Andy, Kevin and Collin

We had fun with Little Annie, Baby Anne and the AED and we did get the presentations out of the way as well! Hard work indeed but fun!

Tomorrow it's off for some Instructor Specialties, side mount and DUP.

See you soon on one of my PADI IDC's, for more information contact me. The next IDC starts 17th February on Gili Air in Indonesia, followed by 26th February on Koh Samui in Thailand and 14th March on Malapascua in the Philippines.


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