Diving around Gili Air, October 2012

During my visits to Gili Air in Indonesia, I always try to get some diving in. A lot of times it's with Instructor level specialties bit I also try to get a few fun dives in without any training to look after.
I was planning on this yesterday but unfortunately I have an ear infection and diving is not the best way of going forward with such an infection. Luckily for me I had a few dives under my belt already before that, during this trip.

Gili Air, Indonesia, Hans Reef, reef scene

A general scene at Hans Reef at the North Eastern point of Gili Air

You can also check a few earlier reports from my trips during May 2011, another one from May last yearNovember 2011 or September 2012.

Gili Air, Indonesia, Hans Reef, white eyed moray eel

A white eyed moray eel with two cleaner shrimps going about their job

The best thing is to kick back and enjoy the pictures.

Gili Air, Indonesia, Hans Reef, robust ghost pipefish

A robust ghost pipefish at Kecinan in front of Lombok

Gili Air, Indonesia, Hans Reef, spider crab

A spider crab during a night dive at Oceans 5 house reef

Gili Air, Indonesia, Hans Reef, bobtail squid

A bob tail squid during a night dive

The Gili islands have some excellent coral to offer and plenty of macro or muck diving but can also offer deeper sites with sharks and bumphead parrotfish. Come and enjoy the underwater world here.


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