Wednesday, November 28, 2012

EFR Instructor course on Malapascua, Philippines in November 2012

The PADI IDC on Malapascua was barely finished or the candidates begged me to start other courses in the classroom. Well, no, it wasn't really like that but we did start the EFR Instructor course and we did have fun, despite having to spend another day in the classroom.

EFR Instructor course on Malapascua, Philippines

Left to right; Hakan, Agnes, Tiago, Tabea, Romain, myself, Franzi and Lydia (Oskar already completed the course)

Tomorrow the PADI IE starts so stay tuned for more updates on that and the specialty instructor training.


Monday, November 26, 2012

The PADI IDC for November 2012 on Malapascua in the Philippines has been completed

Today everybody was in such a good mood when we got back on land after the second open water dive during this PADI IDC, it had to be that the IDC was over! Or maybe a few had some real good scored and scored 5 out of 5!
Either way, a sight of relief was heard around the island. Well done you all, it's done and dusted! This IDC can now officially be put in the archives.

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, group picture

Class of November 2012, left to right; Romain, Tiago, Johan (PADI Master Instructor), Camille (PAFI Course Director), Agnes, Oskar, Franzi, Lydia, Hakan and Tabea

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, knowledge development at work

At work during knowledge development, coffee is missing!

A lot of hard work has been put into IDC by the candidates and it did cost a few bits of sweat (for real) and tears (figuratively speaking) for them. It seems that it's paying off though.

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, knowledge development

Franzi during her classroom presentation about Project Aware

Considering the size of the group, we worked well and efficiently and it all came together towards the end of the course. They are most certainly ready for the PADI IE starting 29th November here on Malapascua in the Philippines. Come Sunday afternoon, 2nd December, we should have 8 new PADI instructors on the island

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, confined water

Romain keeping it on the hush hush during confined water

Tomorrow we will complete the EFR Instructor course followed by a real day off before the IE starts! 

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, open water

Hakan and the two half hitches

This is a good moment to thank all 8 candidates for the good times and fun we had and thanks to Johan who staffed this IDC and who did a great job helping out and making it run in a timely fashion.

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, open water, knot tying

Bowline alley

It will be interesting to keep following all of them and see where they end up working. Plenty of plans have been made and a first start of a good network is in place with so many candidates during this program.

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, the Course Director

The boss in action

If you're interested in participating in a PADI IDC with PADI CDC Center Sea Explorers in the Philippines, please contact me for more information on our programs. The 2013 Philippines IDC schedule for Sea Explorers and me can be found here.
We kick off 27th January followed by 14th March, both on Malapascua. We will have a total of 6 programs next year, so; See you next year!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

The November PADI IDC on Malapascua is half way

Time really flies when you're having fun and that's what we have during the current version of the November PADI IDC on Malapascua in the Philippines.

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, group picture

From left to right; Romain, Tiago (hidden), Johan, Camille, Agnes, Franzi, Oskar, Lydia, Tabea and Hakan

Everybody's working hard and we achieved a lot already; classroom presentations, skill circuit practice, confined water presentations, rescue exercise # 7, theory exams among others, not to mention various work shops.

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, buddy checks

Buddy checks on the boat

Stay tuned for more updates of this PADI IDC over the next couple of days.

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, alternate air source

Alternate air source ascent

Feel free to contact me for information on my PADI IDC programs, the next will start 5th December in Khao Lak in Thailand, the last IDC of this year and we start again on Koh Lanta in Thailand 6th January, followed by an IDC on Malapascua in the Philippines again, starting 27th January 2013.

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, giant stride

Giant stride

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, CESA Lydia

Cesa by Lydia

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, hover


PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, CESA Tabea

Cesa Tabea style

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, weightbelt removal and replacement

Weight belt removal and replacement underwater

PADI IDC Malapascua, November 2012, rescue exercise # 7

Rescue exercise # 7

Sunday, November 18, 2012

PADI IDC on Malapascua for November 2013 on it's way

Two days earlier than originally scheduled we started the PADI IDC on Malapascua due the amount of candidates. A total of 8 IDC candidates are welcomed and I have a couple of firsts with Hakan from Turkey and Franzi from Luxembourg, my first candidates from these countries.

PADI IDC Malapascua, Philippines, November 2013

Tiago, Tabea, Agnes, Lydia and Romain enjoying the physics exam

We also welcome Tiago from Brazil, Tabea and Lydia from Germany, Agnes from the Netherlands, Romain from France (well, from Tahiti really) and Oskar from Sweden with Johan from Sweden staffing, who also staffed the last IDC in Dauin in July.

PADI IDC Malapascua, Philippines, November 2013 with Sea Explorers

Lydia, Romain, Oskar, Franzi and Hakan negotiating the theory exams

The next couple of days are going to be action filled and interesting to see how they all develop, so keep an eye open for updates.

You can become a PADI Instructor as well, the last PADI IDC of this year will be in Khao Lak, Thailand, followed by IDC's early next year on Koh Lanta starting 5th January and on Koh Phangan starting 9th January followed by another IDC on Malapascua starting 27th January.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

First recreational PADI side mount course taught

At last it was time to get my first recreational side mount certification under my belt. During the PADI IDC on Malapascua which is about to start tomorrow, Johan is going to staff, just like during the recent IDC in Dauin, earlier this year. He has a Razor side mount harness and dived already a lot on it and now wanted to get certified.

Side mount diving Malapascua, Philippines

Side mount diving Malapascua, Philippines

That worked out fine, since I just received my teaching credentials for this specialty from PADI and was ready to give it a go myself. One thing lead to another and here we are on Malapascua, teaching the recreational PADI side mount course to Johan over the last two days. We completed a confined open water with skills and had 3 open water dives with a repetition of more or less the same skills, spread out or partially repeated during the open water dives.

Side mount diving Malapascua, Philippines, Johan

Johan showing off his aluminium parts

We had some good dives and this morning we went to Monad Shoal and spotted a handful of Thresher sharks. All very exciting stuff, the training, the new equipment set up and seeing the sharks, a great start of the day!

Side mount diving Malapascua, Philippines, Johan certification dive

Certification dive

get your own PADI recreational side mount certification or instructor certification with Camille. Contact me for more details for the course in the Philippines or in Thailand and Indonesia.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Who said drinking and diving don't mix

It's a well established fact that drinking and diving don't go well together. Apparently some people think otherwise though;

Dutch style diving 

Some real from an US brewer

Absolut narced

The Dutch at it again

For all the tec divers among us, some twin ideas

Don't try any of these at home or rather underwater!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hollis sms 50 has arrived

Two sets of them are mine now and the excitement is growing. It's too early to start diving on them, I first need to configure the two sets with 1st stages, 2nd stages, low pressure hoses, high pressure hoses, gauges and a few more bits and bobs. Side mount diving is coming soon at the Lemmens clan!

Hollis sms 50 complete set

A full Hollis sms 50 set

After my recreational side mount diver course certification earlier this year in Subic, Philippines with my mentor Andy Davis, it's now time to spread my wings and get comfortable with the new dive gear. The plan is that in the near future I will be teaching most of the courses in a side mount configuration and as of 2013  plan to start teaching the PADI Recreational side mount course.

Hollis sms 50 two sets

Two sets of Hollis sms 50

It's early days with the side mount courses in respect to recreational diving and from a PADI tec point of view but I am very excited about this and am convinced that side mount diving will carve out just more than a niche and will become rather popular.

The advantages of side mount diving are;

  • Greater Safety; It allows full visibility over your system. You can perform gas checks/management, configure and monitors all of gauges, valves and hoses without assistance 
  • Reduces additional gear; Backplate / Doubles bands / Hardware / Manifold - Benefit when traveling 
  • Aids in transporting gear to and from the beach or boat; both tanks and one tank at a time. This includes exiting the water on a boat dive 
  • Streamlines profile which in turn reduces drag and energy which increases your bottom time
  • Reduces lower back strain
  • Increased gas supply for longer dives

Hollis sms 50 accessories

The accessories

The Hollis sms 50 is ready to use out of the box! Besides the harness it comes with 2 Tank bungees, 2 SS Cam bands (tank straps) and 4 SS Bolt snaps, line is also included with the kit. Neoprene covered shoulder straps, a sternum strap and crotch strap are also part of the deal.

Keep an eye out on these pages for more updates, which will come soon enough!


Friday, November 2, 2012

PADI IE on Gili Air in Indonesia in November 2012 is a 100% success

The relief was there, at last and 4 deep sighs of them circled around PADI 5* IDC Center 'Oceans 5' because Paden, Dan, Florence and David passed their PADI IE today. Yeah baby!

PADI IE on Gili Air in Indonesia at Oceans 5

Top left to right; Dan, Colin (PADI Examiner, Florence, me, David and in front; Paden on the left and Sander (MI) on the right

It was two nerve filled and exciting days but in the end they all passed with flying colors and for a few hours they are the newest PADI Instructors on the block in the whole wide world!

PADI IE on Gili Air in Indonesia at Oceans 5 with Emma Hewitt

Oceans 5 IDC candidates during a speech after the PADI IE, by PADI regional manager Emma Hewitt, thanks for showing up and giving moral support!

Tonight's going to be a good night, a big party is planned and than we can look back to the October 2012  PADI IDC and the Specialty Instructors courses with a big satisfied grin on our faces.

PADI IDC on Gili Air in Indonesia at Oceans 5

Before the start of the PADI IE

Is it time for you to make your dream turn into reality and become a PADI Instructor? My next PADI IDC is on Malapascua in the Philippines and starts 18th November directly followed by the last program this year, starting 4th December in Khao Lak, Thailand.

The new year will kick off with IDC's scheduled on Koh Lanta and Koh Phangan in Thailand and another program on Malapascua in the Philippines.

Contact me for more information.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Diving around Gili Air, October 2012

During my visits to Gili Air in Indonesia, I always try to get some diving in. A lot of times it's with Instructor level specialties bit I also try to get a few fun dives in without any training to look after.
I was planning on this yesterday but unfortunately I have an ear infection and diving is not the best way of going forward with such an infection. Luckily for me I had a few dives under my belt already before that, during this trip.

Gili Air, Indonesia, Hans Reef, reef scene

A general scene at Hans Reef at the North Eastern point of Gili Air

You can also check a few earlier reports from my trips during May 2011, another one from May last yearNovember 2011 or September 2012.

Gili Air, Indonesia, Hans Reef, white eyed moray eel

A white eyed moray eel with two cleaner shrimps going about their job

The best thing is to kick back and enjoy the pictures.

Gili Air, Indonesia, Hans Reef, robust ghost pipefish

A robust ghost pipefish at Kecinan in front of Lombok

Gili Air, Indonesia, Hans Reef, spider crab

A spider crab during a night dive at Oceans 5 house reef

Gili Air, Indonesia, Hans Reef, bobtail squid

A bob tail squid during a night dive

The Gili islands have some excellent coral to offer and plenty of macro or muck diving but can also offer deeper sites with sharks and bumphead parrotfish. Come and enjoy the underwater world here.