Hawksbill turtles released on Koh Samui, Thailand

It has been 21 years ago since there had been a recorded Hawksbill turtle nesting. Not too long ago, in April 2012 this long wait came to an end.

Staff of the Silavadee Pool Spa Resort in Lamai discovered turtle tracks on the resorts beach and within a few days they were able to locate a nest.

108 Baby Hawksbill turtles

108 baby Hawksbill turtles

87 green turtle eggs were found and over a 1000 Hawksbill turtle eggs.
Initially the eggs were brought to the Samui aquarium to incubate and when there were too many eggs, the Maritime and Coastal Resources Resource Center (MCCRC) in Chumphon got involved.

A Hawksbill baby turtle close up

A Hawksbill baby turtle close up

Of the 8 species of known turtles, 5 can be found in Thailand and two, the Green and Hawksbill turtle can be found in the Gulf of Thailand.
All 8 species are classified under CITES as endangered and in need of protection.

Crowd at the Silavadee beach in Lamai

A good crowd gathered at the Silavadee Resort in Lamai

This was the 2nd turtle release event I had the privilege of witnessing this year. In February this year I was at PADI 5* IDC Center Oceans 5 on Gili Air in Indonesia turtle release event, where some 20 Olive Ridley turtles were released.

Hawksbill turtle on the run, go buddy, swim!

Turtle on the run, go buddy, swim!

It's important that events like this happen and give turtles a chance to survive!

Turtles being released

Khun Ruengnam Chalkwang, president o THA on Koh Samui releases a turtle

Please have a look at my Koh Samui info blog for a more in-depth blog post on this event. Thanks!


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