A horse collar in diving?

What the heck? Where does that come from? A horse collar is for horses, right? Well, not completely. During the mid/late sixties, various dive product manufacturers started to develop a new style Buoyancy compensator, which was soon called a horse collar.
Seatec, US Divers, Scubapro, Dacor and Nemrod among others came out with in those days 'brand new and revolutionary' products.

Dacor Horse collar

Dacor horse collar

When I was in Subic, not too long, learning about side mount diving I met Marc, the manager at Arizona Diveshop in Subic. Besides being very enthusiastic about diving and his job, he is also a diver since he was a kid and he had two horse collars on display in the dive shop!

Seaquest Horse collar

Seatec horse collar

The Dacor and Seatec collars displayed here are both collars he used. A true piece of diving history that I couldn't leave untouched and I had to get pictures of them.

Seatesa Horse collar

Seatesa horse collar

When Dave and me walked into a different shop to get our side mount equipment, I could hardly believe that there was another horse collar on display on the wall of the dive center! In no time I 'collected' 3 collars in one day I was well impressed and happy!

Here's a bit of 'History on buoyancy compensators', for those that are interested!


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