PADI IDC Gili Air, Indonesia for August 2012: Mission completed!

At last, all the long days in the classroom and the hours underwater in the pool and open water were over. Yesterday we completed the last classroom presentation by me and the last bits and pieces of this PADI IDC were taken care of and some remedial training was taken care of for those who wanted or needed it.
I like to express my thanks to PADI 5* IDC Center Oceans 5, Sander and Simone for having me and organising this program!

On the way to one of the Open Water IDC training dives, from left to right; Agnes, Signe, Matt, Sander, Mariusz, Lara, Max and Cindy.

It was a challenging program and as usual, the program had it's ups and downs but we also managed to have some fun and more than just a couple of laughs.

Cindy during her Open Water presentation of a CESA

Overall everybody learned heaps of new things, how to control students, how to position yourself, how to deal with student problems underwater and with a few stumbles and getting up again, they should be ready to start the PADI IE later today.

Max, Matt, Marius and Lara during the lift bag skill in open water

As usual I also threw in a few work shops; knot tying (bowline, two half itches and the sheet bend), descents, control, rescue and DSD just to name a few.

Cindy, Signe and Agnes with the lift bag

So, after 10 days, it's all done and dusted and the August version of the Gili Air IDC has been completed. The PADI IDC's are becoming more and more popular here on idyllic Gili Air and we happily invite you to participate in the next program here, starting 22nd October. Please contact me or get in touch Skype, my Skype name is 'cdcamille'.

The PADI IE is coming to town

Other PADI IDC's are starting 4th September on Koh Phangan, Thailand, 18th September in Dauin, Philippines and 9th October on Koh Samui, Thailand, a home game for me.
If you are interested in any of these three programs or an IDC at another location or moment in time (see my PADI IDC schedule).

Hope to see you soon!


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