Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PADI IDC in Dauin for July 2012 has been completed

After 9 days of blood, sweat and tears and, uh, oh yes, fun, we finally could call the July 2012 PADI IDC in Dauin a job well done!

Rich, Nick and Matt met all performance requirements and all three of them should be ready to start the PADI IE, kicking off Friday 3rd August and they should be the newest PADI Instructors on the block come afternoon 4th August!.

Matt, Rich and Rich before the 800 meter snorkel

It was a fun course and despite the tropical depression that went over us for almost 5 days, we had a good time and a couple laughs! Also the cold that I had for 7 days couldn't temper the good mood portrayed by all during this IDC.

Open Water earlier today

One first can be noted for this IDC, Nick was the first student that originated from the BVI (or British Virgin Islands) during my programs.
With Rich and Marcia from the USA, Matt and Andreas from Germany and Johan from Sweden, it was all around a very international affair again, once more!

Rescue practice and workshop in open water

Tomorrow is time for the EFR Instructor course with Matt and Thursday is hopefully a day set aside for diving!

Marcia who completed her IDCS course, well done

Andreas and Johan staffed, it was my pleasure gentlemen, hope to see you again, soon!

Time to sign off from this IDC and I hope to see you soon in one of my other IDC programs around South East Asia. Your next chance is starting 19th August on Gili Air in Indonesia, followed by an IDC starting 4th September on Koh Phangan in Thailand and 18th September I'm back here in Dauin again!

Looking forward seeing you around!



http://www.lerne-zu-tauchen.de said...

Thank you very much Camille for the chance to do this IDC as s staff member with you! It was s great experience, I did learn a lot by the way you were doing it and last but not least it has been a great deal of FUN. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the candidates now... Thank you again for everything and I hope to see you again and to be able to staff again in one of your idcs in one of the next year s. Andreas Ritzenhofen (IDCS 926877), www.learn-to-dive.de

Camille said...

It was my Pleasure having you around Andreas!