Combined animals?

Combined animals?

Just to keep you busy reading, when my IDC activities are slow!

I recently stumbled over some interesting fish, in combination with another, land based animal. This makes for some interesting combinations, have a look for yourself;

How about this butterfly - sea horse?

Or this pinguin orca.........

How about a lionfish zebra

When did you last spot a crab snake?

A new definition for 'nudibranch'

Photoshop is an amazing tool and luckily, some people have too much time at hand!

Come and join me for me next PADI IDC. starting 19th June on Koh Samui in Thailand, followed by a scheduled IDC in Osan, South Korea although unfortunately it's currently not very likely that this program will happen.
The next IDC in the Philippines is about to happen though, 23rd July in Dauin, followed by what looks like a nice and busy IDC on Gili Air in Indonesia, scheduled to start 17th August with a prep course.

See you there!