PADI IDC in Khao Lak, Thailand for April 2012 is at the half way mark

PADI IDC in Khao Lak, Thailand for April 2012 is at the half way mark

At this Songkran day or Thai New Years day, we hit the half way mark of this current PADI IDC in Khao Lak.

A nice touch was the visit of the regional manager for West Thailand, Tony Andrews, from left to right; Camille, Julia, Stefaan, Hugues and Tony

Despite the Songkran celebrations, we're in the classroom this morning, Hugues sweating it out over his theory exams.

Hugues during one of his Knowledge Development presentations

It's nice to see how things are slowly coming together and after initial problems of understanding the structure of the PADI presentations, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel now!

Hugues and Stefaan doing a buddy check before one of the skill circuits

It's an interesting IDC in Khao Lak, today the Songkran celebrations but two days ago we had a tsunami warning! Two (potential) wet events almost back to back!

Hugues demonstrating a CESA or in French 'le RUC'

If you're interested in participating in a PADI IDC, I have more programs scheduled during this year, check my PADI IDC schedule.
The next IDC is scheduled to start 22nd April on Koh Lanta. followed by an IDC on Gili Air in Indonesia starting 20th may and this is followed by an IDC starting 19th June on Koh Samui. See you there!

5th July sees an IDC in Osan, South Korea and 23rd July sees an IDC in Dauin, Philippines.


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