DUP Instructor training and diving around Gili Air, Indonesia

DUP Instructor training and diving around Gili Air, Indonesia

As already posted yesterday, it was time for Specialty Instructor training. Besides the Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor course we also did a dive for the Digital Underwater Photography Instructor specialty.

Common sea horse

First I did a dive at Suraya, a dive site near Gili Meno, with David, Rafael, max and Brandon, where we found a sea fan with at least 10 Pygmy Seahorses (my first one) in it. A great site but my camera didn't work once more or again! Despite my initial relieve after my first dive here and thought that the problems were solved. It's really time for a new camera! Great dive, not so happy Camille!

Black finned snake eel

After the Suraya dive, I immediately went into the water again with Sijbren, at Oceans 5 house reef. Sijbren had some minor problems equalizing so we decided not to make a deep dive but do a shallow reef dive. Well, it was a very nice dive in which we spotted 2 sea horses, firsts for Sijbren, a black finned snake eel and some other small but nice fishes. A good days diving and a great way to say goodbye to Gili Air and start the wait for May to come back and start my next IDC here!

Now it's off to Malapascua in the Philippines where 6th march my next IDC starts.


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