Dive with a smile, Malapascua, Philippines, March 2012

Dive with a smile, Malapascua, Philippines, March 2012

Now that the March 2012 PADI IDC is done on Malapascua and the 3 candidates are sweating it out during the PADI IE in Mactan, Cebu City, it's also a good moment to look back at some of the awesome dives I've done around Malapascua during this trip.

Thresher shark

A very nice highlight were 3 dives at Monad Shoal, known for being a cleaning station where thresher sharks tend to hang out. This year around I've seen thresher sharks during all 3 of my dives at this dive site, an improvement over last year when I did 4 dives here and didn't see a single thresher shark!

During the specialty instructor training, St├ęphanie eye to eye with a thresher shark

Monad shoal is well worth a visit and it's the main reason divers visit Malapascua. On top of that there are plenty of great macro dive sites, Gato island, Calangaman island and Lighthouse just to name a few and during certain times of the year it's possible to spot hammerhead sharks.

A sea horse at Lighthouse

We also did a dusk/night dive at Lighthouse and it was a marvelous dive, with two mandarin fish mating. a truely outstanding experience.

Thysanozoon flavomaculatum flatworm

This was a mad dive indeed, most of the times I was taking a picture of something the dive guide (thanks Ting!) pointed out when he was already banging his tank to show us something else. In one word, fantastique!

Hermite crab or Dardanus pedunculatus

Just kick back and enjoy the pictures, they will speak for themselves.

Ceratosoma gracillimum nudibranch, a really big one!

Bobtail squid, tiny eenie meenie with big eyes!

Diving was Mad! Thanks all at Sea Explorers for making the dives so great, Sven, Klaus, Tong, Ting, Dish and all the boat crew

Dive with a smile, the motto at Sea Explorers in the Philippines.


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