Imad and Christophe are accepted into the PADI CDTC for March 2012

Imad and Christophe are accepted into the PADI CDTC for March 2012

The PADI CDTC is the PADI Course Director Training Course and is a rather prestigious event for which you have to apply and get selected and invited to participate by PADI. Each year there are only two such programs in the whole world and in each program only around 40 applicants are accepted, out of roughly 50 to 60 applications for each program.
This program will certify you as a PADI Course Director.

Imad and Christophe specifically came to staff IDC's with me last year in order to prepare and get my guidance so they could apply for the course and both got accepted. Congratulations!

Imad during the October/November 2011 IDC on Koh Samui next to the pool

Imad originates from Lebanon but lives in the United Arab Emirates. He completed his IDC with me back in February 2009 and he went on to complete his IDCS course with me back in November that same year. In May 2010 and last October/November he came back to staff with me and the latter IDC was purely to get more practice and guidance for his CDTC application.

Well done Imad, you came from a long way and I'm proud to have been part of your road to fulfilling your dream of becoming a PADI Course Director. Congratulations.

Christophe during the recent October/November IDC on Koh Samui during one of his classroom presentations

Christophe is French but he lives in the Seychelles. After being rejected last year for his previous CDTC application last year, he was recommend to me and he followed up on it, accumulating in planning to staff two IDC's with me towards the end of last year. He participated in the October/November IDC on Koh Samui but got dengue fever before the start of the next IDC on Gili Air in Indonesia, only to find out that even if he would have been able to staff this IDC, he wouldn't have gotten the credit for it.

Nonetheless, we had good fun on Koh Samui and I'm very happy for Christophe that my guidance helped him into being accepted into the March 2012 CDTC program.

Imad and Christophe, you will be re-united again in Malaysia come March. I'm sure you both will enjoy the course and all the best from me!

If you have plans for becoming a PADI Course Director and are interested in staffing PADI IDC's with me, please contact me and I can explain the special Staffing programs I have on offer.


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