Koh Tachai, live aboard trip December 2011 part 1

Koh Tachai, live aboard trip December 2011 part 1

After the Khao Lak IDC in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center Sea Dragon and the PADI IE were completed, it was time to shake the classroom dust out of our ears and do what we love' go diving! Sea Dragon is a live aboard expert in the Khao Lak area, so what choice did we have?

Koh Bon, wakey wakey the first morning, time for a deep dive!

The great thing was that all 6 IDC candidates signed up for the 3 day - 9 dives package, plus on top of that they all signed up for an Instructor Specialty or MSDT package. Way to go. Besides the Nitrox instructor and Emergency Oxygen Instructor ratings, another 5 Specialties were up for grabs for each of them, which resulted in an interesting puzzle to solve for me but I was able to sort everything out and managed to accommodate everybody.

Map of the Similan islands, where I dived almost three years ago for the last time, but this time we went to the Northern islands, as listed in the small map at the right side, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Koh Surin and Richelieu Rock

The first dive, a Deep dive to 35 meters was at Koh Bon pinnacle but we had to cancel the 2nd dive at Koh Bon because one of the Princesses of the Thai Royal family was about to arrive at Koh Bon and all dive boats had to leave for other dive sites. We went up North to Koh Tachai, there are worse places to dive!

Koh Tachai dive map

My biggest problem during the trip was that the housing of my Canon IXY 2515, the WP-DC 23 kept having problems and I couldn't use the camera settings, the camera went into a setting and that was it, no chance to change anything! That was very frustrating and that's an understatement! Unfortunately it's not the first time that this happens with one of my Canon housings, it's time for a new camera and housing and it won't be a Canon again, that's for sure.
Enough of this though, back to diving!

A porcelain anemone crab at Koh Tachai pinnacle

During the first two days, over 9 dives, I completed all specialties with everybody, this left the last two dives at Richelieu Rock on the last day open for just relaxed fun diving!

During the first day we managed to get a Deep dive, a DUP dive, a Drift dive and a Night dive out of the way. A busy schedule indeed!

A school of Chevron or black tail barracuda's

Koh Tachai is a great pinnacle and makes for some interesting diving. Boulders are all over the place and when the currents rise, the action and life around the boulders is awesome. Laced with some large fans, the site is impressive indeed. Big groupers, large schools of barracuda and lots of other reef fish are to be found and seen plentiful.

A coral grouper at Koh Tachai reef

After the great dive at Koh Tachai pinnacle we jumped the third time this day at Koh Tachai reef for a drift dive. The current started slow but towards the end we had a nice speed going and just when we started to ascend for our safety stop we spotted two big Napolean wrasses below us.

During the evening we completed the first day with a night dive at the Koh Surin islands. A busy day came to an end. More to follow, stay tuned!


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