PADI IDC for July 2011 in Osan, ROK is in the can

PADI IDC for July 2011 in Osan, ROK is in the can

Well that is, tomorrow it's actually going to be completed. This afternoon we will go on a road trip to the South Korean East coast, so we can conduct two Open Water dives tomorrow, which will officially complete the current first Western IDC in South Korea.

Many thanks go out to Allen Rivera, who runs Aquatic Frontier in South Korea, without whom this IDC would not have been possible.

That's us on Osan A.B. in the classroom

Saturday the PADI IE will kick off, and by Sunday afternoon all these six current PADI Divemasters should have turned into PADI Instructors! Stay tuned for updates come Sunday evening local Korean time.

Hai-Wen during her knowledge presentation

It's going to be an interesting trip, since parts of the country are flooded and there has been some serious storm problems and floods around Seoul and the West coast. I also may have only limited or no access to internet until we get back to Osan, Sunday afternoon or early evening.

Bokhee selling a mesh bag during her Project AWARE presentation

So far it has been a fun IDC with some interesting twists and turns. The T-shirts we had made for this occasion turned out to be below the quality we expected, so they have to wait a bit. Now I've been to Korea and don't even have a T-shirt to show for!

Clyde with his weight belt during a knowledge development presentation

Jay in confined water, removing and replacing his weight belt

Luis with a Project AWARE slide

Michael during confined water

Hai-Wen had her birthday during this IDC, which was celebrated with this nice chocolate cake

The van that is going to take us to the coast and back

It's going to be interesting tomorrow, hopefully the water will not be too cold for the Open water dives (I'm prepared with a 5mm and a 5mm shorty, gloves, a hood, gosh, it's been a while since I've been diving in cold water and we even may have planned another IDC here during February, when it's really cold!

Anyway, stay tuned, updates will be here latest come Sunday!

If you're interested in participating in one of my IDC's, the next PADI IDC is starting 7th August on Koh Samui followed by an IDC on Koh Phangan in September, both in Thailand. More programs for the remainder of the year will be conducted on Gili Air in Indonesia and Dauin in the Philippines among others, please look here for my schedule.


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