Sunday, June 26, 2011

Diving around Gili Air; Scallywags to Oceans 5 house reef

Diving around Gili Air; Scallywags to Oceans 5 house reef

After the June 2011 PADI IDC on Gili Air with Oceans 5 was completed, what does a PADI Course Director do on a day off, right, he goes diving!

One of the dives I did was to jump in on the beach, in front of Gili Air's best restaurant, Scallywags and drift and dive to the Oceans 5 house reef.

Hermite crab

It was a very nice and relaxing dive, it lasted 88 minutes! The scenery was lovely and changed a few times with some outstanding coral patches thrown in!

Cuttle fish

Green turtle

Once more a first; a Leafy robust pipe fish. it was well hidden between leaves that looked just like it!

A cute, tiny, yellow box fish

It was the last of my dives during this trip, a report of another dive site, Nudibranch City, is still in the pipeline. The diving in general was really good, with excellent visibility, ranging between 20 and 30 meters and during the last three days, on two days Manta Rays were spotted, along with Eagle rays and plenty of sharks!

Come and dive the Gili's!



Simone Sauren said...

It was nice diving with you camille, nice pictures!!

Camille said...

Hi Simone,

It's always good to dive with you! Thx for the heads up on the pix!