Recompression Chamber Technician course in Phuket

Recompression Chamber Technician course in Phuket

The SSS Recompression chamber in Phuket is organizing a Chamber technician course in mid June.

Subaquatic Saftey Systems (SSS) who operate the local DAN affiliated recompression chamber at the Phuket International Hospital has announced another chamber tender/operator course for dive masters and instructors.

This course is extremely valuable for those interested in the medical aspect diving, and the information gained will increase the dive professional’s ability to provide superior assistance in the case of a diver with suspected DCI.

This course also includes a more in depth look at the physics and physiology related to DCI and hyperbarics, plus how to more readily recognize signs and symptoms, and the best way you can treat the injured diver whilst transporting them to the nearest facility or awaiting emergency evacuation.

Much of the course is “hands on” – learning how to perform neurological checks on injured divers; operating a hyperbaric chamber; tending patients inside, and handling emergency scenarios. Every day the course starts with 2 hours of lectures, followed by 2-3 hours of inside and outside chamber operations.

The course will be held over five consecutive evenings (6pm-10pm) from Tuesday 7th of June through to Wednesday 11th of June, followed by training during 5 real treatments.

The course is 10,000.- THB including manual, chamber use and gasses. This course is registered under Technical Diving Int’l and upon completing the 5 treatments; candidates can request certification as TDI Chamber Operator.

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