Diving Gili Air, Indonesia part 3; Teluk Nara on Lombok

Diving Gili Air, Indonesia part 3; Teluk Nara on Lombok

And now for something completely different; muck diving! After the first dive on Gili Air at Oceans' 5 House reef and the two awesome dives at Shark Point and Soraya, my last dive was a muck dive at the Bounty Harbour at Teluk Nara, the kick off point for boats to Gili Air. It's just a 20 minute boat ride away from Ocean's 5 and Gili Air.

Short fin lion fish (another first for me)

The moment we dropped I immediately felt at home, since it reminded me to a degree of Chaweng Beach, I do a lot of muck diving there as well! Teluk Nara has a lot more interesting creatures to offer though!

Cackatoo Waspfish (once more a first!)

There's lots of trash and if you go deeper, around 8 to 15 meters, you need really good buoyancy since otherwise you kick up the fine sand or muck and all visibility is out the window!

How about this little nudi branch, a Janolus sp, an un-described one, as of yet

Two juvenile sweet lips in one picture

On a regular base you may be able to spot and see a juvenile sweet lip and it's erratic behavior. Here at Teluk Nara's Bounty harbor, I lost track of how many I saw, at least 10, probably a few more! This picture almost had three of them in it but at the last moment the 3rd one made a u-turn just before he got in the frame.

A lovely Tawny Seahorse

Banded pipe fish, there was a nice pair of them trying to avoid my camera

A great shot of a scorpion fish, in case you can spot him

Some small cleaner shrimps

I can only repeat myself by saying how much I enjoyed the diving around the Gili Islands and I'm looking forward to start the next IDC in mid June on Gili Air with Oceans 5, this will give me more opportunities to dive a bit more and explore more dive sites.


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