Diving Gili Air, Indonesia part 2; Shark Point and Soraya

Diving Gili Air, Indonesia part 2; Shark Point and Soraya

After yesterday report on Oceans 5 House Reef, today a report of the more challenging and spectacular sites of Shark Point near Gili Trawangan and Soraya near Gili Meno, the other two Gili islands.
The first 5 pictures are from Shark Point and the last three originate from Soraya. A few 'firsts' were spotted by me during these two dives.

During the Shark Point dive I conducted the DUP Specialty at Instructor level with Anna, Cécile, Simone and Ruben and both dives were conducted on Nitrox.
We went to about 27-28 meters and drifted nicely along the reef, at the deepest point we spotted two white tip reef sharks but they were a bit too far off to take pictures.

A leafy scorpion fish (first time I see this fish!)

A blue ribbon eel, who completely came out of his hole and turned out to be about a meter long, another first for me


Sea fan

Ruben and Cécile during the safety stop

The next three pictures were taken at Soraya, a dive during which Ruben completed his Fish ID Instructor Specialty. Soraya are lovely 'valleys' that you can follow, in the drift and has some very beautiful and healthy coral!

A flathead crocodile fish, a big one to boost and the first time I've seen one. This was fantastic to see, such a strange creature!

Hawks bill turtle

A group of sea fans

Two great dives which I really enjoyed and I can wait to be back again come mid June to get some more dives logged around the Gili's.


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