The December 2010 IDC on Koh Lanta is done and over with!

The December 2010 IDC on Koh Lanta is done and over with!

Today Maja, Emma and Craig finished the current December 2010 version of the IDC in conjunction with Scubafish. It was hard work but we're all glad to have it done and over with and tomorrow is a day off diving around Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, hopefully with Manta's!

Theory exams, during the OWSI part of this IDC, with as special guests Julia and Suzanne from the recent Kao Lak IDC, refreshing some skills and knowledge.

There were more classroom presentation by me and Phil, who was staffing this IDC but also more presentations by the candidates, like Emma in this picture during a Project Aware presentation.

Confined- and Open Water presentations were presented and this picture sees Phil during a CESA confined water workshop.

It was all hard work but tomorrow it will hopefully all be hard play at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang and after that it's completing the EFR Instructor course and off to Phuket for a PADI IE.

Stay tuned, more updates are coming. The next IDC will be starting 6th January 2011 on Koh Samui!


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