Boonsung wreck near Kao Lak, specialty instructor training

Boonsung wreck near Kao Lak, specialty instructor training

This is a very nice dive spot. It's a tin dredger that sunk about 20 years and got roughed up by the Tsunami, it fell apart in about 5 to 6 big pieces but attracts tons of fish.

The wreck lies in serene flat sands and the max depth is around 20 meters and the shallowest parts are about 12 to 13 meters. All parts of the wreck are fully covered with barnacles and sponges and not too much coral can be found here.
We had a really nice morning dive, with no other boats around and bottom time of over an hour and it was like diving in fish soup. A couple of firsts were included for me, like a massive blotched Fantail ray (which I first mistook for a spotted marbled sting ray), possibly two to two and a half meters wide and honeycomb morays amongst others.

Suzanne completed her DUP and Underwater Video specialties and Julia did her DUP and Fish ID specialties, the Nitrox Instructor rating came for free with the IDC that we completed yesterday!

Blotched Fantail ray

Honeycomb moray

Flat head

Common lionfish

Nudibranch Hypselodoris zebrina

If you're in Kao Lak and want an easy days diving with an early return, we left at 8am and were back in the shop by 1.30pm and had two dives, the Boonsung wreck will suit you just fine!

Tomorrow an EFR Instructor course and than off to Koh Lanta for the next IDC.


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