Friday, August 6, 2010

August 2010 IDC on Koh Samui kicked off

August 2010 IDC on Koh Samui kicked off

Yesterday the August 2010 IDC on Koh Samui in conjunction with The Dive Academy kicked off with an interesting cast, Mark and Marc, both from the Netherlands.

It's interesting and fun so far and the English IDC slides keep us on our toes.

During the prep course, as usual and much to the Marck's delight, the theory exams are on the menu. These are taken in Dutch and the General standards exams are taken in English, since I'm teaching the new 2010 curriculum, which is not yet available in Dutch!

During the confined water part they practised the skill circuit and Marc is showing off during a CESA.

Mark shows how fluent he is with a regulator recovery. Although both are a bit rusty with their skills, they progressed nicely and show clear signs of confidence during their respective circuits.

Rescue exercise # 7 of the Rescue diver course was also on the schedule and Mark is rescuing Marc with the help of a pocket mask.

Tomorrow the real IDC kicks off with the AI part and an update will follow shortly.



Richard ten Brinke said...

succes mannen. 2 xtra erbij is altijd goed. nieuw bloed zoals ze zeggen

Anonymous said...

Dag camille,

ziet er top uit!!!!

Best een beetje trost aan het worden..

Nog een paar zaken aanscherpen op demonstratie niveau in open water en gewend raken aan het PADI systeem en op naar de IE!!!

Tot morguuuuh

Camille said...

Ja, vooral op demonstratie niveau ;-)