EFR Instructor course for July 2010

EFR Instructor course for July 2010

Today I travelled to Koh Tao to teach my first EFRI course there. I was to teach in the beautiful Charm Churee Resort which had a fantastic scenery and view in our second floor, almost open air classroom with a breath taking view over the resorts private beach and bay.

There were 3 participants eagerly waiting after my Seatran ferry arrived half an hour later than planned, but at last we were ready to kick off.

Sven, a dive shop owner in the Netherlands is trying to figure out what buttons to push on the AED.

P or Pauline is showing the typical maternal reaction to Baby Annie by giving her a good spanking. Well done girl ;-)

Last but not least, Lorne is wondering how to get the chain of reaction going after having realised that the mannequin isn't breathing at all. No surprise there.

We had a relaxed and fun filled day and congrats to all of them for thanks for taking part!


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