Gas Blending, Baby!

Gas Blending, Baby!

Stephan, the German caretaker at the English run The Dive Academy on Koh Samui (the World Championships clash between Germany and England was on last night!) whilst the boss is away for a holiday in England, took on the Gas Blender course and the Instructor course!

The theory part with the exam was a tough one, as it is for all non native English speakers, but he managed well and stayed well above the 80% passing grade for said exam. Well done Stephan!

We did the theory a couple of days ago and today it was time for filling some Enriched Air tanks! Here's Stephan trying to figure out which valves to turn in order to get the right amount of air and oxygen in his tanks. It seems to be working out just fine!
The new partial pressure mixing desk I'm using, with thanks to James at Infinity Diving, is a work in progress but a beauty!

Here's some serious Bauer compressor art being thrown at you. This particular compressor comes straight from Germany and has served in a fire fighting stations somewhere in Germany and now it's chugging hours away here on Samui!


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