Vintage scuba equipment

Vintage scuba equipment

After having recently posted a very popular post about vintage scuba adds, I thought it a good idea to follow this up with a post about vintage scuba equipment.

To start it off, one of the most famous underwater camera housings ever made was the Hans Hass Rollei marine housing, for the Rolleiflex camera. The heavy duty aluminum casting was built to last a lifetime.
Together with Bruce Mozert he was a true pioneer of underwater photography.

How do you get air in a tank? Right, with a compressor! Here's a Cornelius High Pressure SCUBA Compressor from the mid 1950's.

Churchill swim fins and Sea-View mask 1950. Churchill fins were one of the first fins available in the United States and were used by the U.S. Navy in the 1940's and 1950's. They were later sold by Voit.
Fins in a similar design but a bit more colorful are still produced nowadays.

During the recent exploratory wreck dive trip in Pattaya, Neil at Seafari in Pattaya helped out with the logistics but what was very interesting to me were some very old style pieces of dive equipment. One of them is this cone shapes mask, used to look underwater from the surface.

Seafari was the first scuba diving operation to open in Pattaya and one of the first in Thailand and was founded by Bill Burbridge back in 1970.

These two masks, both with purge valves were also on display. Neil said that there was more stuff upstairs and I definitely need to go back and have a look and take some more pix!

I hope you enjoy this post and I may have some more pix of vintage scuba equipment in the pipeline for you.


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