Specialty of the month; February 2010 - Boat Diver

Specialty of the month; February 2010 - Boat Diver

Just like February last year, specialty of the month is Boat Diver.

In Thailand most diving is done from boats but in the Netherlands, my native country, most dives are done in lakes and other water ponds and they are almost all shore dives.

MV Waverunner (pictured above) and MV Seafarer are the boats that I dive most with.

There's a lot more to this Specialty than the eye meets.
Mainly because different boats in different parts of the world do things differently. This Specialty course familiarizes you with the various ways you stow gear, enter and exit the water, use surface lines and more, depending upon the type boat and the location but you an also learn about the various anchor designs and their specific uses.

If you mix up starboard and port, here's an easy one to remember; we left port!

You can also learn where the head, aft cardinal points or galley are and what they are by becoming familiar with boating terms.

Come and participate in the Boat Dive specialty and get a 10% discount his month!


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