Specialties momentarily completed

Specialties momentarily completed

Today I completed a few more specialties with Nigel, on Chaweng Beach and it was a fantastic day for diving and for teaching specialties, with a around 5 meters viz but plenty of things to see. Ah, yes, 5 meters isn't that great I hear you saying but believe you me, for Chaweng it is!
A couple of days ago we tried at the same spot and we couldn't literally see a hand in front of us and subsequently cancelled the dive but today it was great! We taught, learned and enjoyed!

Today we completed the Search & Recovery specialty and the Underwater Naturalist Specialty and for the latter we couldn't have picked a better day! For the first time ever on Chaweng's reef I saw a Grey Bamboo shark, the one in the picture above!
During the first dive, just getting out to some deeper water, we already saw this pair of stingray eyes sticking out over the sand and two puffer fish that stood out, besides plenty of other small fish and critters.

Besides a lot of garbage, including some big items like part of a plastic chair, a 4 meter long plastic pipe and 3 plastic baskets and lots of empty (mainly) beer cans and bottles, we also saw and encountered some interesting marine life. This cleaner shrimp is just one of the other nice animals we saw.

Earlier this week, Nigel and me went on the boat for a day to complete the Digital Underwater Photography and Underwater Navigation specialty around Koh Tao's dive sites. Here's a nice view of coral around Sairee beach on Koh Tao.

During a dive on Sairee beach we also saw this very interesting flat worm dancing away. It was a difficult one to get on the camera and this is the best shot I got, it moves so fast that it's almost impossible to get it in front of the camera in focus.

Nigel's digital compass, which is an up and coming trend but I still prefer my hand held 'simple' underwater compass anytime.
We had already completed the Nitrox and Emergency oxygen provider courses and after the coming IDC, we will complete the Gasblender, Equipment and Deep dive specialties with the candidates for the December IDC.
Right now Nigel will be busy with his MSDT internship as part of his Go Pro CDC package, after the beach dives he immediately jumped into the pool to sit in on an Open Water diver course.

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