Dive Medical Technician; Training and assessment

Dive Medical Technician, Training and assessment

Today was an interesting break in my day to day live as a PADI Course Director because I was asked to assist in a DMT or Dive Medical Technician training course and assess the participants.

The local recompression chamber located in Bang Rak and part of SSS networks organised for the first time a DMT or Dive Medical Technician course, a course where the focus is on diving and gas physics review, medical review and treatment of diving related injuries along with hyperbaric chamber operations. It is an 80-hour or ten day course of intensive study to prepare students for the position of Diver Medical Technician. It is also an excellent introduction to hyperbaric medicine and chamber operation. After 3 years you will need to complete a Diver Medic Refresher course which consists of 5 days with 35 to 40 contact hours.

For off shore diving (think oil plat forms) this is a position to be filled on each plat form but this course was catering to be used in recreational diving.

Today was the the final day and all 8 students were to be assessed on their advanced medical / first aid skills, which included resuscitation and choking amongst others.

6 of the students, their trainer and me, the assessor for the day in front of the local 'pot', from left to right in the back row; Bom, Gui, Ricardo and Tim (the trainer). In the front row from left to right; me, Denes, Patrick and Paul.

Well done guys, it was interesting day and I'm looking forward to the next course, scheduled to be held in April. For more information, contact the local Bang Rak SSS chamber at 077 427 427.


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