Fish ID; Specialty of the month for August 2009

Fish ID; Specialty of the month for August 2009

How many times would you like to know the name of a certain fish that you saw during a dive? I know I have plenty of times. There are a couple of solutions to this problem, one is to buy books with pictures of fish with their names in it but another very good option is to actually take the AWARE Fish Identification specialty course.

During this course you will be introduce to the most common fish families and species found in temperate and tropical waters. You'll also learn basic fish identification and scientific survey techniques as well as how important personal involvement is in aquatic conservation.

Pretty cool stuff, huh?

Another big advantage is also that you may or rather will be able to name a fish, rather than answering some body's question about that 'black fish with the yellow spots' being the yellows potted black fish according to you!

Here are some pictures of some of the fish that I saw during my diving adventures;

A common lionfish during a trip to the Similan islands earlier this year

A seahorse on Chaweng Beach, a much underrated dive site around Samui

Chevron Barracudas at Sail Rock, the best dive site in the Gulf

An Oriental Butterlfy fish (?) around Koh Tao
As with any further education, it won't hurt you and this specialty of the month for August 2009, the Fish ID course will get you a 10% discount if booked this month!

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