Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2009 Prep course has been completed

July 2009 Prep course has been completed

Two days of exams and practicing skill circuits in confined water under sunny skies are left behind! Time to look forward to the start of the July IDC and to be more precise; the AI part tomorrow.
My two candidates, Patrick from Denmark and Eric from the USA have done good so far.

For good measure we completed some presentations that are part of the IDC curriculum.

A lot of time was spent in the pool at World Resort, Patrick and Eric lining up before we make a splash into the confined water.

A good demonstration of buddy breathing whilst swimming.

As usual, rescue practice was on the menu as well. Do I hear the word 'red filter'?
Stay tuned for more updates on these pages for the current IDC.


Richard ten Brinke said...

no red filter just sunburned haha. good luck to all

Imad Khashfeh said...

This was my favourite skill..ask Camille about me in this skill... every day I was chosen to repeat it more than twice ..sure cause I was so good in it :-))).
good luck guys

Steve said...

Good luck to you both! Camille has a great passing rate, even with the likes of me and Richard... I hated doing rescue with Richard's tech wanna be set up :)

Not sure where to post this, but Camille and his faithful readers may be interested in a great diving museum located in the Florida Keys. I am out here visiting family currently and figured this was well worth sharing. A private collection turned museum only 3 years ago. I bet not many exist like this if at all. Once you earn your OWSI, flash it and you will get complimentary entry. Who says PADI won't save you money :)

They have great contributions from around the world. I believe 45 countries have contributed to the various underwater helmets used in the past. The USSR cosmonaut undersea training helmet in particular were interesting to me. It is all on display with some hands on exhibits. It really makes you appreciate how easy we now have it. Just watching the 1940s video on suiting up for a US Navy Mark V helmet donning diver with over 85kg in weight was amazing.

Other notable things in the area of course are diving, diving and diving. The reefs are fantastic and the Spiegel Grove ( is well worth the trip. Makes the Hardeep look like a life raft.

Safe diving,


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Steve,

Looks like you're doing some cool stuff down there! Enjoy and look forward hearing your stories first hand.

Richard ten Brinke said...

Hahahaha, Thanks Steve. Was big fun though. Enjoyed the whole course, and your presence. With the big help from Camille. Never did skill #7 before. so thanks guys. :-)

richard ten Brinke said...

And Camille, tell us about Imad. haha.