June's IDCS course kicked off today

June's IDCS course kicked off today

With Mike as participant in this IDCS Course. Mike completed his IDC in December '08.
We completed a couple of IDCS presentations and practiced evaluating candidate presentations plus he completed a General Standards exam.

This picture shows Mike at work during the evaluation practice.
There's plenty more for him to tackle, amongst others a set of theory exams, a Knowledge Development presentation and a confined Water presentation. The interesting part of all these tests is that he needs to get higher scores as during the actual IDC, so it's quite challenging.

Tomorrow the actual IDC will start and Mike will attend the whole IDC, however, now he sits at the 'other side' of the fence and will observe how an IDC is conducted without the added stress of a PADI IE waiting for him at the end of this IDCS course. On top of that he will get more practice and learn about evaluating IDC candidates.

Keep tuned in for more updates on the up and coming IDC over the next days.


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