IDC June 09; a work in progress

IDC June 09; a work in progress

A few days ago the Prep course for the current June 09 IDC started, after Mike kicked it all off a day earlier with starting his IDCS course.

So far we have completed two days of the prep course and two days of the Assistant Instructor or AI course. Another two days to go and we can move on to the OWSI course, which completes the IDC course.
Due to a recent standards change, we will complete the EFRI courses now before the PADI IE starts.

Interestingly enough, this class has three Russian born person, one with a Russian passport, one with an Israeli passport and one with an USA passport. A couple of firsts here, my first Russian and Israeli candidates!

During the prep course, from left to right during this IDC; Vadim, Mike, Sasha and Richard.

Part of the skill circuit, the giant stride entry at the deep end of the pool.

Anybody for a rescue exercise # 7?
Stay tuned for more updates.

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