Monday, May 18, 2009

Instructor Development Award Ceremony

Instructor Development Award Ceremony

Today I received the Instructor Development Award, handed over by Drew Richardson, the President and Chief Operations Officer for PADI Worldwide, who happens to be on Koh Samui right now.

Drew Richardson, the President and Chief Operations Officer for PADI Worldwide on the right, who's seemingly a bit more camera experienced than me by looking at the right camera at the right time!

The actual award.
Thanks to PADI for rewarding me this way, it's nice to see that not only quantity but also quality gets rewarded!
This is the right time or as good as anytime really, to join me in one of my IDC's or any other Professional level training courses that I offer.


Mike said...

Camille, well done, I am sure you really deserve the award. Onwards and upward or perhaps given the nature of your business that should be downward!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Mike,


Anonymous said...

Great job! And very well deserved - I may add. So, what comes next? It will be tough to set new goals for next year, won't it? Maybe a position within PADI Asia? Let us know!

However, the really cool looking guy is on the right (yes, to your left - but from a viewer's perspective on the right) - and you are on the left, or not?


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Volker,

Thanks. We'll see what comes next.

Right, changed the text and now Drew is indeed on the right.

Interesting name you have; GGrF26etc

Steve said...

Cool to get the award from the "Head Honcho" himself. For an organization that big it is good to see such a personal touch.