2009 March IE is in the bag!

2009 March IE is in the bag!

Aliroy is a PADI Instructor after an intense 3 day PADI IE on Koh Tao over the last 3 days!

Together with 45 (!) other candidates he started the IE on Tuesday 17th March, as part of the classroom with the instructors to be can be seen here during the orientation.

Aliroy hitting the books to prepare for his Knowledge Development presentation, which he did without a hitch! He passed the previous day already the 5 theory exams and the General Standards & Procedures exam!

Aliroy in the classroom with members of his small group. PADI Examiner Thomas Knedlik is sitting in the back.
Open Water and Confined Water posed no problem for him at all and he passed this IE easily!
Unfortunately I don't have a group picture, since I had to leave Koh Tao prematurely due to private matters, but Aliroy; Well done!

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