Prep IDC for February 2009 has kicked off today

Prep IDC for February 2009 has kicked off today

After a few firsts this year, like my dive trip to the Similan islands and the First Instructor level course I taught this year, last week with James' DSAT Gas Blender course, it is now time for the first IDC of this year, the 50th in total that I teach as a PADI Course Director.

It's a nice turn out with 5 very international candidates, from left to right it's Krit from Thailand, Bearbel from Austria in front and behind her Gav from the UK, Imad from Lebanon and Preben from Denmark, ready to kick off this IDC with the prep course.

Today we took care of the red tape, all required paperwork was completed, a Physics exam was administered, the orientation presentation was held and after lunch we went to the pool for a skill circuit and some rescue exercise # 7 practice.

Tomorrow more exams are waiting for them and more work in the pool and Tuesday the AI course will kick off. Keep your eyes posted here for more updates, soon to come!


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