The February AI Course of the IDC is completed

The February AI Course of the IDC is completed

With a lovely and sunny day on Chaweng beach, conducting an Open Water dive and an 800 meter swim, that's how we completed the AI Course part of this current February IDC. Tomorrow we kick off the OWSI Program.

From left to right, Gav, Krit, Imad and Baerbel after their 800 meter swim, Preben is still on his way, taking a different route and swimming almost twice as much as the others! Well done Preben!

Preben during on of his Knowledge Development presentations as part of this AI Course.

Almost every day we practiced Rescue Exercise # 7 from the Rescue diver course, in preparation for the PADI IE, during which this exercise is scheduled for the Open Water part. Here is Imad trying to rescue Preben.

Baerbel during her skill circuit, demonstrating the Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent or CESA with Imad in the background, getting ready for his take off!

Gav and Preben demonstrating buddy breathing as part of their skill circuit.

Last but not least, Krit and Imad demonstrating the Alternate Air Source exercise during their skill circuit. Over three days we practised and finally evaluated their skill circuit, consisting of 20 skills.

As always, we have lovely and relaxing lunches at the newly refurbished beach restaurant at World Resort where my IDC's are conducted.
So far things are going fine due to some hard work being put in by all of us. Stay tuned for more updates!

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