The February 2009 IDC is completed

The February 2009 IDC is completed

Well, at least almost! Tomorrow morning (early) we'll complete the last segment of the OWSI course, the Open Water dive. This is a change of the schedule since one of the students, Baerbel, has an ear infection and we are trying to give her an additional day out of the water, so her ear gets some more rest.
Tomorrow afternoon the PADI IE will kick off as well!

Baerbel and Gav during the preparation of the Open Water of the AI Course, last week.

This OWSI course had more Confined Water presentations and here is Imad giving a demonstration using his 'Certified Assistant' Preben on how the CESA or Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent is conducted, during his briefing

During the Confined and Open Water dives of an IDC PADI has now included continual education courses in the curriculum for the students, which makes the whole IDC more realistic and interesting and here we see Preben demonstrating how to 'exit an unconscious diver out of the water' from the Rescue Diver course.

There was also more Knowledge Development work to be completed by the candidates and we can see Baerbel with an umbrella during one of her presentations, a really inspired and unusual 'non diving' training aid.
It was a hard work for all of us but now they're ready to spill their guts when the PADI IE kicks off tomorrow afternoon.

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