Similan Island trip January 2009 part # 2

Similan Island trip January 2009 part # 2

Here's the successor of yesterday's update about my Similan diving trip. There will be one more post tomorrow about this trip, so enjoy whilst it lasts!

The water had an average temperature of 27C, which may sound fine but if you're used to 29C or 30C water, this is really cold! Two days I used a pair of shorts with multiple layers of vests (including a 3mm, a 1 mm and a rashy, all worn at the same time!) but on the third day it was time to pull out the 5-4-3 mm full length suit.

A Giant Moray Eel at Turtle Rock, island # 8
During the 5 days I lost track on how many Giant Moray Eels I've seen, they seemed almost to be everywhere!

These fantastic fan's where also on many dive sites, this picture was taken at Elephant Head Rock and especially at the deeper sites, there were gigantic samples of these Gorgonian fans.

Lots of small 'macro' shots can be taken at almost any site, these small tube like corals were shot at Elephant Head Rock, the orangy one and the bottom one, the blue one of some Tunicates, was shot at East of Eden.

This Egg Cowrie shell was also located at Elephant Head Rock, a fantastic deep dive site with lots of boulders strewn around everywhere.
All dives were conducted on Nitrox or Enriched Air, a specialty I can highly recommend you are trained in before visiting the Similan Islands. Deep diver comes also to mind, especially if you stay overnight and the deep dives show up in the morning.
During the afternoon you get to dive the shallower reefs and especially Anita Reef at island # 5 and Breakfast bend at island # 9 were amongst my faves.

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