Similan Island trip January 2009 part # 1

Similan Island trip January 2009 part # 1

It was my second Similan island trip, although the first trip was in November 1999, quite a while ago and a very good reason and time to refresh my knowledge of the local Similan islands and it's inhabitants.

The trip started out of Kao Lak where I was invited by Roman of Similan Scuba Adventures to participate in one of their packages, I was offered a 5 days/4 night package and humble as I am, I didn't turn the offer down!

Arrival at Angel 1. their live aboard boat that during season is permanently out on the Similan islands. During the week before my arrival there were strong winds but it seemed appropriate for me to bring good weather along and it was near wind still with excellent visibility during all my dives. Nowhere was the viz below 20 meters and most of the time better than that.

Christmas Point, island # 9

Common Lionfish at East of Eden

A school of Barracuda's hanging in the current at Breakfast Bend, island # 9

Hemprich's soft coral at Barracuda Point, island # 5
To be continued!

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