Friday, January 16, 2009

More Divemaster Trainee confined water training

More Divemaster Trainee confined water training

The skill circuit was tackled one more time by Krit and Aaron, a follow up of last weeks practice.
Krit has now completed his skill circuit and has just a few more things (exams!) to complete before he can finish his Divemaster course and than it's straight on into the IDC starting 1st February for him!
Aaron, who started his course later than Krit is still in the thickst of it and should be able to complete his skill circuit towards the end of February, when he's due back in to the pool again, together with Morten, who arrived yesterday to start his Divemaster - IDC package.
Bruno also arrived yesterday and he's starting his Open Water diver to Instructor package soon.

Aaron demonstrating a regulator recovery
Krit demonstrating the simulated out of air skill

Krit and Aaron during their Alternative Air Source drill
More to follow soon, especially some nice pictures of the Similan islands, I hope, since that's where I will be heading on the 19th January for 5 days! Keep your eyes posted!


Richard said...

Enjoy Similan. Want to see the pics. It looks familiar the skills i mean.

Luxury Yacht Charter said...

I will be looking forward to taking my course later on this year!



Camille Lemmens said...

Are you planning to do it on Samui with me?