DCS Lecture at the local Recompression Chamber

Lecture at the local Recompression Chamber

Dr. Michaela Ignatescu, the Senior Hyperbaric Physician at the Diving Diseases Research Centre in Plymouth, came to Samui on the evening of 29th January to present a lecture about a variety of diving medical issues with a concentration on the heart condition called Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) and it's implication for divers. She was invited courtesy of the Local SSS Recompression Chamber in Bang Rak.

First of all a bit more about Dr. Michaela, in March she will move to London to become the Medical Director of the Hyperbaric Unit at Whipps Cross Hospital. This is the same facility as where Lee Griffiths works, the former manager of the Samui Recompression chamber. She has been involved in diving medicine for the last 10 years and has worked at various chambers including: Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt; Ravenna, Italy and Whipps Cross, England. In 2007, she completed postgraduate study in Underwater Medicine at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. She is a regular lecturer in diving and hyperbaric medicine and is a keen recreational and commercial diver.

Well, now the we have established Dr. Michaela's credibility, I can recommend visiting one of her lectures. She covered aspects of inner ear DCS, an increasing phenomena and as already mentioned, PFO's. She also had some interesting real life cases that she discussed.

All in all an interesting lecture.


Dr. Michaela at the right side
Dr. Michaela pointing out something on a slide and explaining the workings of the inner ear!

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