Divemaster trainee; the skill circuit!

Divemaster trainee; the skill circuit!

Our two current Divemaster trainees, Aaron and Krit, were due a skill circuit, so we met at the pool for some practice.
The whole November/December lot of DMT's have completed their courses, Patrick, Steven and Mikhail are already instructors by now and Patrick has been working on Koh Chang ever since he completed his IDC and IE. Steve and Mikhail are participating in their MSDT internship.
Gav just got signed off and is about to start the February IDC, together with Krit and two other candidates.
Craig had a motorbike accident and had to fly back home to the UK to recover there and come back out again to pick up where he left!
Even Rob, who took months on an end to complete his timed swims, got over that hurdle and completed his course at last!

That leaves Aaron on the left and Krit on the right to carry the torch for the time being! Soon Morten from Denmark and Bruno from Belgium will come to start their respective courses.

This picture shows Aaron and Krit during their buddy check; BWRAF, Bangkok women really are fellas. Right!

A good view of the pool at Blessing, which we often use, during a break. After we completed the first skill circuit, with at least one or two more to follow, we had lunch and continued with a lecture on physics. That got their ears really ringing and gave them something to ponder about.

Next week we'll continue with more of skill circuit and a lecture on physiology.


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