The December 2008 IDC is done and over with.

The Dember 2008 IDC is done and over with.

It's already my 49th IDC as a PADI Course Director since I entered the Course Director ranks back in 2003.
We completed and survived more PowerPoint presentations, confined water presentations and open water presentations.

Due to the rough weather and waves around Koh Samui, we took the boat over to Koh Tao and completed our Open Water presentations in one day, split up over two dives.

Here's Steven giving the kiss of life to Mikhail, at least that's what he makes us believe, since we had to practice more Rescue skills!

Mikhail trying to rescue Steven at Mango Bay, after the first dive.

Part of the Open Water dives during an IDC is an Adventures in Diving workshop, during which we practise rigging and lifting a lift bag from the Search & Recovery specialty, mostly a first for most of my candidates.

Also from the Search & Recovery specialty is the knot tying. During my IDC's you learn how to tie a Bowline, 2 half hitches and a sheet bend. We also look into a reef knot, since you may confuse it with a sheet bend.
We also conducted 2 skills and here Steven is controlling the simulated out of air skill from the Rescue diver course.
We had invited Chris, who participated in last month's IDC and is currently diving on Koh Tao for a month. He can be seen on the right side opf the picture.
Tomorrow we're off to Koh Tao for the PADI IE.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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