Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The AI part of the December 08 IDC has been completed

The AI part of the December 08 IDC has been completed

The 6 days of the prep and AI course flew by. We had good fun and plenty of new things were learned.

The food at World Resort was as always outstanding and the perfect midday break to look forward to each day.

Knowledge Development presentations were on the menu and Steve is trying to explain what's wrong with his ears!

Steven and Mikhail demonstrating the perfect 'PADI Hi Five'

During their Confined Water presentations, Steven is demonstrating the Alternate Air Source use. Besides their Confined Water Presentations, we also practised for three days a skill circuit consisting of 20 different skills.

As usual, we practiced Rescue scenario # 7 from the Rescue Diver course in the pool.
Due to the recent weather conditions we couldn't dive on the beach and will complete the Open Water part of the IDC on Thursday from a boat around Koh Tao.
Keep an eye out for more news on this IDC during the next couple of days.

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Richard ten Brinke said...

Ah yes the good old world resort. i miss it.