AI part of the November 08 IDC is completed

AI part of the November 08 IDC is completed

We completed the AI part of this IDC today at Chaweng Beach with an Open Water dive in excellent conditions, especially considering the time of the year.

During last week both Chris and Patrick had to present a few Knowledge Development (aka class room) presentations and in the picture above it was Patrick's turn.
Plenty of Confined Water work is included in this part of the course and here Chris is completing a Buddy Check on Patrick.
During the Confined Water part of the AI course, we practice a skill circuit of not less than 20 skills and they also have to present some Confined Water presentations during which they practice being an Open Water Scuba Instructor by dealing with 'students' (their fellow IDC candidates) and deal with their real life problems.
After the Confined Water work is done, they practice a rescue scenario, Rescue Exercise # 7 from the Rescue diver course. Here Patrick's wondering if Chris is still alive!

As usual, we had some very good lunches at World Resort and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in the resort during our breaks.

Keep your eyes posted for news on their OWSI program, coming up soon.


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