The October IDC 2008 has been completed

The October IDC 2008 has been completed

Although today was rather interesting and we had two attempts at the Open Water dive!

Last night the weather changed on Koh Samui and now for approximately 6 months the wind will blow in towards Chaweng Beach. Today was a bad day with some serious surf as we found out when we arrived at Chaweng for our Open Water dive. During the AI course we had a lovely and enjoyably dive on Chaweng Beach but today it turned into surfers paradise and we tried to enter the surf but gave up.
So, off we went to where we just came from, World Resort! It turned out that ocean was flat like a mirror here, in contrast to yesterday, when there was a mild chop, but the visibility we had to take our selves! Half a meter was a lot!

Besides Open Water adventures during this OWSI course we also saw more Knowledge Development presentations by the candidates. Come and see me afterwards, Tom?

Xavier gave an excellent Project Aware presentation, starting out with a trash basket!

There were more Confined Water presentations, Xavier during the no mask breathing skill!

If that wasn't enough, they also rescued each other a few more times.

Tomorrow we close the IDC and on Sunday we will complete the EFR Instructor course. Monday will be a well deserved day off and on Tuesday 14th october we'll move over to Koh Tao for the PADI IE.

In the meantime, stay tuned, more updates will be available.


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