Monday, October 13, 2008

New EFR Instructors on Koh Samui

New EFR Instructors on Koh Samui

Maurice, Xavier and Tom completed their EFRI course, just the after they completed their IDC.
We're waiting to join the PADI IE on Koh Tao, starting tomorrow the 14th October, so we scheduled this EFRI course before we go over to Koh Tao.

Here's Tom in action by getting Maurice in the recovery position whilst Xavier is looking on.

Tom seemed to be the most photo genetic person during this course since here he's in action with the AED, giving directions.

As usual, the course was scheduled at the local SSS Recompression chamber but unfortunately we could not complete the tour of the chamber since they were treating a patient.

Tomorrow we're all off to Koh Tao for the PADI IE.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with the IE!!
Remember IE stands for: It's Easy
Camille prepared you well and you all will score very well. Don't forget to have lots of fun :-)

Camille Lemmens said...

Thanks Volker!

It's easy indeed, but nobody believes that before hand ;-)